8 Tips and Tricks to Fabulous Feet (Summer Edition)

The warm weather season is upon us and that means it’s time to put on sandals and flip flops.  But before you head outside, you’ll want to make sure you have beautiful and healthy feet- not dry, rough or uncomfortable feet! Getting your feet into fabulous shape and keeping it that way is easy to do.  Just follow these simple ideas on a regular basis to maintain your feet all summer long.


Tip #1:  Keep your foot file in the shower.  Giving your heels a quick file just before you finish your shower is a great way to keep the calluses at bay and your feet looking smooth.

Tip #2: Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps to keep your calluses at bay and keeps your skin from drying out.

Tip #3: Trim your nails after a foot soak or shower. This makes trimming thicker nails much easier. Remember, trim across, not around the nail.

Tip #4: SPF- it- up! We tend to show favoritism to our bodies when it comes to applying SPF. Often it is our feet that get the short end of the stick! Keep the skin on your feet healthy and free of flakes by applying an SPF to them too!

Tip #5: Enrich your nails. Don’t just apply any nail polish to your toes, use one that provides your nails with enrichment! Try a polish like Dr.’s REMEDY* which has ingredients like garlic bulb, lavender and tea tree oil.


Trick #1: Avoid blisters in your new shoes by wearing them around the house at first. This will help you figure out where you will have rubs. You can then prevent discomfort before it starts by applying a cushy bandage or using an anti-rub stick.

Trick #2: You don’t have someone to massage your achy tired feet? Take an iced water bottle or a tennis ball and rub the bottom of your feet on them.

Trick #3: Love the beach but hate the sand aftermath? Sprinkle baby powder or flour on your feet. It will help absorb any left-over moisture to help the sand come off easier.


If you find that your feet could use a little extra care, we offer Medical Pedicures in office, that range from a no-fuss soak and trim, up to a luxurious full hour service. If you would like to schedule a medical pedicure or have concerns about your feet, please call our office today at (707) 578-1222.

*You can purchase a wide selection of Dr.’s REMEDY nail polish at our Santa Rosa Office.