7 Tips to stay healthy around the pool.

Swimming poolSummer is here and so the fun begins around the pool area. Just like with any other activities, you should pay consideration to certain things to stay healthy and making it a more enjoyable experience.


  1. Stay Hydrated. Remember to pack extra water in “plastic containers” so that you avoid dehydration.
  2. Wear clogs or croc style shoe around the pool. Doing so can prevent injuries if you happen to bump your toes.
  3. Do not forget to apply sunscreen every 40 minutes to the top of your feet, and of course your entire skin and face.
  4. Wear sunglasses. Keep your eyes healthy and in top shape by avoiding the harsh rays of the sun.
  5. Wear floaties and learn to swim if you haven’t done so. Accidental drowning can easily be prevented with the use of a lifejacket or floaties. Floating tubes should not be used as life preservers.
  6. Pack your wireless speaker and headset so you can listen to your favorite summer tunes.
  7. Pack light yummy and healthy snack to refuel.

Enjoy summer!