7 Tips for Healthy and Happy Feet.

Photo Credit:  Amberle Van Den Broeke

Photo Credit: Amberle Van Den Broeke

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. They allow us to walk, work and do fun activities. Follow these simple tips to keep your feet in the best shape possible:

  1. Use closed toe shoes. Avoid injuring your toes or foot if you happen to bump them.
  2. Clean and dry your feet often to prevent buildup of skin and bacteria growth.
  3. Stinky feet need attention, and smells should not be ignored. Bad odor can be the indicator of a fungal infection. See your physician for the best course of treatment.
  4. Make sure to purchase supportive shoes from a specialized shoe store. The sales people should be properly trained about shoes and feet, they will ensure a proper fitting shoe.
  5. Address pain that lasts more than a day. Foot pain is our body’s alert that something is wrong.
  6. Rotate your shoes and change your socks daily.
  7. Replace your flat sandals for a sandal with a supportive bed. Visit your local specialized shoe store.

Healthier feet are only a few steps away!