6 Signs It’s Time to Replace or Refurbish Your Orthotics

Do you have a pair of orthotics that are worn down, flat and no longer provide any support? If so, chances are it is time to refurbish or replace your orthotics.

Orthotic refurbishing helps extend the life of your orthotics.  Refurbishing can include replacing top covers or the addition of extra soft cushioning under the heel or the ball of the foot. Everything can be replaced to add more cushion and modifications to address specific foot pain.  If there is a new problem, Dr. Hollander can recommend additional modifications.

Signs that may indicated it is time to refurbish or replace your orthotics include:

-Worn out top cover, which provides comfort to the surface of your foot

-Pain in your feet, ankles, legs or back- even when wearing your orthotics

-Orthotic is flat and no longer holding shape

-Age. Most orthotics last between one to five years, depending upon the frequency of use and material type

-Damage, signs of cracking or breakage to the orthotic

-Shoe wear is not even. Orthotics are designed to keep you balanced, so if your shoes are wearing unevenly, that could be a sign it’s time to refurbish or replace them.

Before you go to put on your shoes for the day, take out your orthotics and examine them. See if one of these signs pertain to your orthotics.  If they do, then you know it’s time to see Dr. Hollander.

What a better way to start off this new season than having a pair of comfortable orthotics and healthy feet.

Call or stop by our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hollander to have your orthotics evaluated. Make your feet happy!  You can reach our office Monday- Friday at (707) 578-1222 or schedule online through our online scheduler.