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Walking Warning Signs of Babies that Every Parent Should Look For

The time has come and your child is now more mobile than ever- they can walk!  While walking itself is an exciting milestone, and isn’t expected to be perfect at first, parents should be assessing their child’s walking pattern or gait for potential abnormalities. Signs to look out for: Toe-Walking: toe walking is not uncommon […]

Proprioception Exercises: What They Are & Why You May Benefit from Them

If you recently injured your lower limb (knee, foot, ankle), or have undergone surgery, you will most likely need to partake in proprioception exercises to get you back in great performing shape. “Proprioception is our sense and awareness of the position of our body parts and is closely linked to balance.  Having good proprioception helps […]

Did The Sand Burn Your Feet?

The day is here, you’ve arrived at the beach, finally! You see the water a short distance away and you’re eager to get your feet in that water. So, like many others, you take your shoes off and start walking on the sand towards it. Yep, the sand is hot, but the water is just […]