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Carbohydrate Sources for Runners

Marathon Training

Making sure you have a balanced diet and that you are well hydrated is very important while running or working out. It can be hard to decide which foods or drinks are best and when you should consume them. Your muscles rely on carbohydrate foods like breads, cereals, pasta, rice, fruits, and vegetables for quick […]

Healthy Feet for Children

Foot Pain in Children

As a child grows, learns and plays they should never have to deal with foot pain holding them back. If a child is suffering from foot pain it will limit their activity and could dampen their mood. Children love to play and get exercise so making sure their feet are healthy is very important. ‚ÄúPain […]

Morning Huddles for Daily Success

  What drives a team to be in the moment and win a game? It all starts with that meeting, a.k.a, “the huddle.” The huddle is an important get together for the success of any type of team. Actually, it is the best action for weekly, monthly, and lifetime success of any business. As explained […]

The 1-2-3, for your 2015!

I’m excited for this new year and like many of us we have many dreams, aspirations, and decisions to pursue. Some of us want to start a healthy active lifestyle, return to school, write a book, finish that house project list (from years ago!) and the list goes on. Then something happens, we just don’t […]