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Do You Have Ball of Foot Pain?

Treating Plantar Warts

Does day to day walking, working or exercise cause the balls of your feet to hurt? Do certain shoes or barefoot walking cause you pain? If so you may have a forefoot condition called metatarsalgia, which if treated correctly can be healed with a proper home treatment program. “Although generally not serious, metatarsalgia can sideline you. […]

We love what we do!

Today I express my gratitude on my new position in healthcare and the amazing team that has made that happened. This is my 12th week. As a Medical Assistant, I will have the opportunity to interact with people and provide exceptional care. The best part is that here at, John Hollander, DPM, we practice this […]

Ugly Nails After Removing Polish

Tis the season to be painting your toenails with beautiful dark and vibrant Holiday colored nail polish.  With parties and events to attend, instead of removing the nail polish most women will just add another coat to freshen the nail up. After the Holidays our feet are usually in closed toe shoes and we tend […]

Kittens and Puppies can BRIGHTEN your day

Pet therapy can sometimes be the best therapy for a human. Having a pet is a lot of work, but the benefits can be worth it in the end. Animals provide unconditional love and affection and sometimes that’s just what you need for a pick me up. A pet can either provide a hug, and […]

Happy Diet, Happy Feet!

Happy Diet, you ask? By that we mean a healthy conscious diet for your overall wellbeing, including your feet. Now you wonder, how does diet affect your feet? Well as stated in an, article, “Two common conditions that affect millions of Americans’ feet are peripheral artery disease and diabetes. Each of these conditions can harm […]

Diabetic Winter Foot Care Tips

Maintaining your feet is important year round and even more so during the cold and wet winter months. Remember to make sure that your socks and shoes are always clean and dry, daily foot checks of your entire foot including between your toes for any wounds or concerns and use a good skin moisturizer daily […]

Raynaud’s Disease and Cold Weather

Keeping your hands and feet warm in the cold fall and winter months is very important. Raynaud’s Disease is a condition of decreased blood flow, affecting your hands and feet. You will notice that your fingers and toes may turn white, blue or purple when they are exposed to cold temperatures. You may experience a […]