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Stay Running with Stretches for Bunion Pain

Bunions don’t have to keep you from your favorite runs. John Hollander, DPM, discusses stretches that can help relieve bunion pain.

Swimming in Summertime: Preventing Fungal Nails

Summer heat means many people will be seeking ways to stay cool. They wear shorts and t-shirts, stomp around in sandals, flock to ice cream shops, and look for cool activities. Swimming remains one of the best and most popular options for the whole family, and Santa Rosa’s public pools are open for summer hours. […]

Achilles Injury Prevention with Jump-Roping

The Santa Rosa marathon is coming up at the end of the summer, which means now is a good time to start getting ready for it. While you work on your distance and times, remember to strengthen your ankles as well for Achilles injury prevention. Jump roping as exercise can be a great way to […]

Hiking With Neuroma Pain

Hiking with neuroma pain

Photo Credit: mimica via Hiking in Santa Rosa, CA can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. From the old-growth redwoods in Armstrong Woods to the wide open spaces and beautiful vistas of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, we have it all. Don’t let neuroma pain keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. If your toes […]