10 Tips for Summer Ready Feet

With vacation season upon us, our feet will become exposed to the traditional summer conditions of  sunshine, sandy beaches, flip flops and hot weather.  Follow these tried and true tips to keep your feet looking fabulous all summer long.

#1. Prevent and treat dry cracked heels. Use a pumice stone or exfoliant once a week to keep your calluses from building up and getting rough.

#2. Protect your skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet- they too can get sunburned.

#3. Keep your nails trimmed. Trim your nails straight across-not too short and not too long; you don’t want to cause an ingrown toenail.

#4. Don’t go barefoot. Keep sandals on while walking around the beach, pool or ocean to prevent contamination of foot fungus or plantar warts and, to protect your feet from cuts and scrapes.

#5. Use a 5-Free or 8-Free nail polish.  Keep the harmful chemicals out while nourishing your nails and preventing fungal infections with a Podiatrist approved polish such as, Dr.’s Remedy.

#6. Travel with a first aid kit. Keep essential tools near by for possible cuts and burns such as: band aids, an emery board, antibiotic cream and aloe vera.

#7. Give your feet an ice bath. After a long warm day, feet can swell up. Soak for 15 minutes in cold water to reduce swelling.

#8. Moisturize.  Apply lotion to your feet at the end of your day and try to use one that is designated for the feet, as the skin on our feet absorb lotions differently.

#9. Prevent Blisters. Save strappy sandals for cooler summer days and wear your roomier sandals or flats on days that are warmer.

#10 Stay hydrated.  Drinking plenty of water keeps our skin happy and healthy, reduces dryness and swelling.


We hope that you find these ten summer tips helpful and that you have a wonder summer season!