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When A Basketball Star’s Foot Won’t Flex

She jumps, she shoots, she scores! Playing basketball requires its own unique set of skills and physical abilities and the ability to jump off the ground is one of them.   A typical person can flex their foot up and down and side to side, but someone that is experiencing equinus lacks this ability.   When you are unable to flex your foot, it limits your ability to jump or walk in a typical manner. Often one will compensate for this lack of range of motion by either walking on their toes, putting excess pressure on the balls of their feet, or even taking smaller steps by bending their knees and hips.

Equinus is caused by several different possibilities.  It can come from having a tight Achilles tendon, it can be an inherited trait, if you’ve worn a cast for a while and even from wearing high heels!

Equinus is usually diagnosed after a patient seeks medical attention for other foot conditions ranging from: shin splints, ankle pain, hammertoes, calf cramping, metatarsalgia, flatfoot, arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

Thankfully there are nonsurgical treatments for someone suffering from equinus.  Stretching to help increase the range of motion; using heel lifts in your shoes to help alleviate pressure on the Achilles tendon; wearing orthotics to promote proper walking formation and evenly distribute weight onto the foot; and physical therapy.

In very severe cases, surgery may be necessary and is always determined on a case by case basis.

By adding a simple stretch routine before your basketball game, or before your start your day (such as calf raises, ankle flexes and heel drops) you can help to prevent a tight Achilles tendon.  If you are experiencing foot pain, please give us a call at (707) 578-1222- we want to help you put your best foot forward!

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Fractures And Sprains, What Every Parent Should Know

If your child plays for the Santa Rosa American Little League and dreams of being a San Francisco Giant one day, you are probably not a stranger to sports injuries—especially to the feet and ankles. Being able to tell if an injury is a sprain or a break is very important to getting the right treatment and being able to fully recover and stay in the game.

A fracture is an injury to the bones. A bone can be broken in one place or in multiple areas. When a bone breaks, it can cause damage to surrounding parts of the foot including the ligaments and the joints. You will feel immediate pain, and there might be swelling, redness, and bruising. Most likely you will not be able to put any weight on the foot because of the pain and instability. Any time you suspect a broken bone, come in and see us as soon as possible so that treatment can occur. Your bone may need to be set back into its correct position, and you will have to immobilize the area (by way of a cast or splint) until it heals.

A sprain is trauma to the ligaments. It can range in severity and may involve damage to the surrounding tissues as well. You may find that you have bruising, swelling, inflammation, and pain. To treat a sprain you must rest your feet. Follow the RICE method: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Discontinue the activity that caused the sprain while your foot heals. You may find that physical therapy can help get you back to full strength.

For more information on treating a broken bone or a foot strain, call Dr. John Hollander at 707-578-1222 to schedule an appointment. You want any injury—to you or your child—to be treated quickly and so it will heal well and avoid future complications, so don’t hesitate to call.

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Sports and Foot Pain in Children

Spring is here and that means soccer and baseball season. Foot pain in children can be very common, especially when they are active in sports.  Some sports injuries can be avoided with a little extra care and knowledge. Other conditions just seem to be a part of growing up. Fortunately, your child should grow out of them over time.

One of the most commonly seen causes of foot pain in young people is Sever’s disease. This is when the growth plate in the heel becomes inflamed and swells, which results in pain and discomfort. The most common time for this problem to occur is during their growth spurt at the beginning of adolescence. Most children, by the age of 15, will have grown out of this condition because their feet will have reached their adult size. The fact that the growth plate grows faster than the leg muscles, along with the stress and pressure put on the feet during physical activity, leads to Sever’s disease.

Another common cause for pain in the feet is growing pains. This type of discomfort is typically felt more so at night than in the morning. This pain usually comes and goes and may last for weeks or months, but they will grow out of it. To ease growing pains you could try massaging your child’s legs and feet or help them to stretch the muscles themselves. Heating pads are also a good source of pain relief for your child’s sore muscles. A doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory, but always make sure the correct dosage is giving and that your child has no allergies.

For more information about foot pain that your child is experiencing, call Dr. John Hollander at 707-578-1222 to schedule an appointment in our Santa Rosa, CA office. We want your child’s feet to be pain free so they can enjoy being young and staying active.

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Competitive and Social Runs for 2018

The sun is shining, and you know what that means, it’s running season!  There are several competitive and social runs happening in and around Santa Rosa, so to keep you in the loop we’ve complied them all for you in one convenient spot!


April 7th

Annadel State Park, Santa Rosa




April 8th

Rio Lindo Adventist Academy, Healdsburg




April 8th

Oliver’s Market, Windsor




April 14th

The Barlow Event Center, Sebastopol




May 20th

Windsor Green, Windsor




July 15th

Cuvaison Caneros Winery, Napa




August 26th

Downtown Santa Rosa




October 14th

City Hall, Healdsburg



If you have another running event that you think we should add to our list, please message us on Facebook and we will be happy to add it!
If you have any concerns about your feet or legs prior to your race, or experience an injury during, please schedule an appointment today by calling (707) 578-1222.

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Great Protein Hacks for Muscle Health

Did you know, that as we age, we are slowly losing muscle mass, specifically between the ages of 30 and 80?  This is due to age-related sarcopenia, where the body is less efficient in using amino acids for muscle protein synthesis.  Even if you exercise, you will most likely loose a little muscle mass. But as your age increases over 65, it becomes even more crucial to combine an increase in protein consumption with exercise to help maintain your muscle mass.

Protein helps to build & repair muscle, is needed for blood production, maintaining hormone levels, forming antibodies to fight infections and give us energy. That is why “the foods we choose should give our bodies all the protein they need.”[1]  It is recommended that as we age, we consume between 1g-1.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight[2].  Here are some helpful “hacks” to help you get there:

  • Aim for 30 grams of protein per meal; example: 1 scrambled egg and 2 Italian sausages for breakfast
  • Milk- any flavor will do (chocolate, plain, strawberry). It’s quick, easy and convenient.
  • Keep bottles of nutrient milks on the shelf, like Ensure, for convenience and longer shelf life.
  • Add veggies to your smoothies! Vegetables such as spinach, kale and cauliflower are high in protein.
  • Have fun with eggs- scrambled, on toast, hardboiled with salt, or make a batch of egg salad.
  • Substitute with Tofu. Tofu is high in protein (20 grams per cup) and can be easier to chew than that of chicken or steak. Make a batch of Pad Thai and use tofu instead of pork.
  • Keep pre-portioned nuts in your car and at home.
  • Have fun with nut butters. The variety is vast, from cashew, almond, peanut and even macadamia. Use them to take your PB&J sandwich up a notch or top on a whole wheat cracker.
  • For dessert, make a yogurt parfait with Greek Yogurt and your favorite toppings.
  • Instead of mayo, try adding humus to your sandwich. They come in different flavors and you will receive the benefit of protein from the chickpeas.
  • Add a protein powder. You can sneak flavorless protein powders into things like salad dressings, oatmeals and more! To cook with protein powder, you can even add it to things like brownies and mashed potatoes.[3]

If you have any questions or concerns about your muscle mass, reach out to your doctor. He or she will be able to guide you in a way that is specific to your needs.








[1] Birkett, Kathy. 9 Great Protein (and Flavor) Hacks for Seniors’ Muscle Health. Senior Care Corner. 3/9/2018.

[2] Webb PhD, RD, Denise. Protein for Fitness: Age Demands Greater Protein Needs. Today’s Dietitian. April 2015  Vol. 17 No. 4 P. 16.

[3] Finney, Lauren. 25 Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake. Eat This Not That. 3/9/2018.

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Pain Relief- Arnicare Gel®

ArnicareGel® is an amazing product that works naturally with your body to temporarily relieve muscle pain and stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion and falls; reduces pain, swelling and discoloration from bruises.

Why Use ArnicareGel® Products?
• Rated #1 Homeopathic Topical Analgesic treatment by Podiatric Physicians.
• Unscented, Paraben- Free, Non-sticky, Non-greasy
• Antibiotic Free- Safe for patients with known allergies to common topical triple antibiotics.

What are the ingredients in ArnicareGel® Wound Dressing?
Arnica montana 1X HPUS 7%, Alcohol, Carbomer, Purified water, Sodium hydroxide

Are you experiencing pain or swelling on your foot or ankle? Then give Dr. Hollander a call today, 707-578-1222, for an evaluation and pick up a tube of ArnicareGel®.

For further information on ArnicareGel®:

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How to Reduce Pain from High Heels

High heels, you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.  They add that special touch that every outfit needs, but they don’t provide any special treatment to our feet!  Many of us continue to wear high heels even if they cause pain, all for the sake of fashion. Then, there is the other group that wants to wear them but won’t because they are just too uncomfortable.

We have put together a list of things that you can do turn that ‘hate’ for high heels into more of a ‘like’ or ‘love’ for them by reducing common pains associated with them.

Heel Height

The higher the heel the better right? Wrong!  Keep high heel heights to a minimum. Do not wear anything over 3” in height. Once you extend beyond this height, it starts to increase stresses to your foot and body.

Heel Style

Aim for heels with a wider base or wedge style which allows for an even distribution of body weight on your feet. A small heel reduces stability, causes calf muscles to work harder and that can lead to fatigue and rolled ankles!

Heel Material

It is natural for our feet to swell & sweat throughout the day, so to allow our feet to breath and expand, shop for shoes with natural materials such as leather or suede and perforations in the material.

Heel Frequency

Try to limit the time you wear your high heels.  If you can, wear tennis shoes on your way to and from work and then put on your heels while on the clock.

Heel Straps

If possible, pick a high heel that offers straps for additional support and stability.  Preferably, look for straps that wrap over the top of your foot rather than your ankle.

Heel Toes

Round, pointed, square, open and closed.  There are options, but the narrower the toe box, the more pressure the heel puts on your toes- hello bunions!   The wider the toe box the better for your feet. 

 Heel Investments

Invest in a quality shoe brand that will last years rather than months and will take care of your feet because they were designed to be GOOD for your feet!  Look for brands that use natural materials, include arch support technology, use silicon padding in the soles and have the APMA seal of approval.

For a list of AMPA approved shoe brands check out their list here.  To try on a pair of Vionic shoes (also APMA approved), stop by our office to see our selection!  If you would like directions to our office, or to schedule an appointment for a foot concern, please call us at (707) 578-1222.

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‘Good For Your Body’ YouTube Channels You Need to Check Out Now!

As someone who bores easily of performing the same exercises over and over, finding sources that keep me engaged is crucial.  I need my exercises to change often, strictly running or following the same exercise routine over and over is guaranteed to make me fail due to sheer boredom.  If you are someone like me, that needs constant change in your physical activity, I have put together a list of YouTube channels that you need to check out now!

Do you like the idea of dancing, but don’t really know how to dance? The Fitness Marshall offers short 3-4-minute videos with upbeat songs and easy dance moves for any level to follow.  Each week he puts together a dance playlist for you, while also uploading new dance videos on a regular basis.

Check out the video that drew me in from the get-go!




What started out as my go-to source for stretches, has now turned into a plethora of exercises for every part of my body!  Blogilates is hosted by the down to earth Cassey Ho. She is not intimidating in any way and makes even the most inflexible/unfit person feel like they can partake in her videos.

If you are feeling extra tight (or haven’t stretched in a while) check out her Total Body Stretch video.


There is a lot of hype about the amazing benefits of yoga and it’s worthy of it all! If you’re like me, you like the idea of learning yoga, but don’t want to spend the money on a class and any “beginner” video I search for, leaves me feeling empty.  Not anymore! Yoga with Adriene will be your new best friend! For those wanting to get into yoga, but also for those that are very experienced in the practice, Adriene explains why you are performing the move and what the end goal is.

If you want to take a stab at learning the basics of yoga, check out her 20 minute video designed for beginners- NO special equipment needed- That’s a WIN for me!



Do you have another YouTube channel that you think should be added to my list?  I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comment section below.

Have a lovely day and get inspired!


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Podiatry Themed Valentine’s Day Cards!

The new year literally just started and what do my eyes see? Shelves and shelves filled with Valentine cards, candy and gifts, because Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away!

If you are looking for unconventional Valentine cards that you can print up at home for pennies on the dollar, look no further.  We have created a handful of fun, vibrant and podiatry themed Valentine cards just for you!

Click on the links for access to the PDF to download and print your Valentines.  We recommend printing on card stock or photo paper!  You can make your Valentine’s to be just about any size that you prefer, but the sizes they were designed to be are indicated in the instructions on the PDF.

We hope you enjoy our Valentine cards and would love to see your final products- just be sure to tag us!

FB: JohnHollanderDPM               Instagram: Hollander_dpm                Twitter: JHollanderDPM


This Valentine was designed to get your little one involved.  Using stamping ink or a non-toxic paint, create the letter ‘V’ in LOVE by using their feet!  Then, attach your favorite picture of your love bug below.  This Valentine is sure to be the highlight of any recipient!

Download your BabyFeetValentine here











Physical touch is very healing to human mind and body and often when we think of giving a massage we go straight for the back! But it is the feet that are often overlooked.  Our feet do a lot of work through out the day holding us up and taking us places!  The foot is very sensitive- it has to be! When you give a foot massage you don’t have to use a lot of pressure, soft touches can be very enjoyable and beneficial.

Access your 30MinValentine foot massage here





Here is a great interactive Valentine!  Play a game of tic-tac-toe with your sweetie.  Add a fun pencil, pen or even a box of Tic Tacs!

You can even add a bit of pizzazz to this Valentine by incorporating sparkly puffy paint or rhinestones to the hearts!

Enjoy your game of TicTacToeValentine









I’m Head Over Heels for you!  Get it, “heels” ?  🙂

This is the perfect Valentine for someone that likes puzzles and another great way to let them know how you feel.  The textures give the appearance of foil, without actually being foil.

Pair this Valentine with “Airhead” candies, an amazing pair of Podiatrist approved shoes or maybe even a bouquet of flowers!






Awe, so sweet indeed!  Maybe you could use this Valentine as an invitation to go out for frozen yogurt?

Or, accompany this Valentine with a box of special sweets- Sugar Free of course!












Would it be too cheesy to give this Valentine to someone with a pair of Valentine socks?









Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and we truly hope you (and your recipient) enjoy these cards.

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Yellow Nails: Causes and Prevention

Yellowing of the nail can be caused by several factors including: nail prepping, smoking, nail fungus or even more serious health issues.  But how do we prevent it from happening?  It all depends on the root cause of the yellowing!

Nail Prepping

Sometimes our nail polishes can cause staining of the nail due to either the type of nail coloring or from prolonged wear.  An effortless way to prevent staining, is by first applying a clear base coat.  This will not only help keep the polish from chipping, but it will also act as a barrier between your nail and the polish itself.

Traditional acetone to remove your polish can also exacerbate the yellowing of your nails.  As an alternative, consider using a non-acetone polish remover, such as Dr.’s Remedy polish remover*, which is free of acetone, but also enriched with wheat protein, tea tree oil and garlic bulb (all good things for our nails)!


If you smoke cigarettes, you may notice a yellowing of not only your teeth and fingers, but also your nails! It is the nicotine in cigarettes that cause this yellowing.  A few things that you can do to prevent the yellowing of your nails would be to: switch to using a cigarette holder or vaporizer or quit smoking all together.

Nail Fungus

Many times, people will continually apply polish to hide yellow nails, but sometimes it could be a sign of a fungal infection.  Toenail fungus’ first sign is yellow nails, followed by brittle or thick nails. If you think your nails may be yellow due to a fungal infection contact your podiatrist.  Though there are over-the-counter treatments available to treat fungal infections, prescription remedies tend to be more effective.  Your doctor may prescribe an oral anti-fungal medication or suggest a non-invasive anti-fungal laser treatment.

Serious Health Issues

Another good reason to reach out to your doctor if you have yellowing of the nails, is because it could be a sign of other health issues such as liver or lung problems, or a mineral deficiency.

Let’em Breathe

Traditional nail polish tends to trap moisture under the polish, which can lead to yellowing of the nail or infections.  Give your nails a breather once in a while. Take breaks between polish applications and when you do use a polish, consider using something with added benefits like Dr.’s Remedy polish*.  It contains lavender, garlic bulb, tea tree oil (all good things for your nails) and does not include formaldehyde, toluene, camphor just to name a few (all bad things for your nails).

Don’t ignore the signs of yellowing nails. Explore the potential causes for your yellow nails and implement these tips to prevent the yellowing of them.  If you think you may have a toenail fungus infection, call Dr. Hollander, DPM today to discuss your treatment options at (707) 578-1222.

*Available for purchase in our office.

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